Like the sea that washes every shore without prejudice, so too a museum is an entirely open space, nourishing those who are drawn to it.

This collection speaks of encounters – incontri – between the city and the beach, and among people who love life. Ultimately, it speaks about freedom. I feel free when there is no distance between my words and my thoughts, between my actions and my heart. I hope that people feel free and welcomed in my clothes.



Freedom, energy, community. The encounters – incontri – of the city and the beach: the open attitude of those who congregate at museums, and the ocean. Encounters between the precision of the cut and silhouette, and the electricity of color.


Long coats in wool or bonded leather have high vertical pockets and exaggerated openings at the back. Formal wear unfolds in two shapes, one with sharp three-button single-breasted suits that have a high break line and pressed sleeves to keep the exact silhouette; the matching pants have a buttoned tab to hold the ankle. The other, with straight yet relaxed doublebreasted jackets, cut from light poplin.


Zip-up jackets are short, the contrast collar of boxy leather jackets looks like corduroy but is embossed leather.


The shirts are not classic bowling shirts; they borrow the three-pockets from the utility world, some trimmed with beaded fringe, others with applique embroidered flowers. All of them feature infinity prints, with surfers, dolphins, hibiscus flowers, and banana leaves.


Long-sleeve polo shirts are handknitted with an intarsia of paillettes. Jackets, in sorbet colors like green and yellow, are adorned with beaded fringe that move like waves.


A sculptural pointed toe continues the evolution of the Horsebit, in either boot or loafer. The moulded sole of the Gucci cub3d sneaker has interlocking G’s with a 3D effect, also on the moulded sole of scuba slip-ons.


Some inspired by archival Gucci luggage – valigeria – made from brushed leather that’s bonded with the Gucci logo, with detachable pieces. The Gucci B bag comes in regular size, as well as a mini version. Padded leather bags are super soft, like a pillow, with magnetic closure. Crossbody bags have a flap closure, fastened with the signature Gucci snap hook hardware. A functional bucket bag is cut from gaberdine canvas twill, dipped in pigment for a modern finish.


Belts are held by a double-ended snap hook closure, echoing the shape of the Horsebit. Bracelets and necklaces are in segments like bamboo. Sunglasses, whether worn or carried backwards, have chunky frames, held by a vivid colour Gucci strap.


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